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About us

DOPPELHOUSE PRESS is an independent publishing company with a focus on architecture, design, and art, as well as histories of immigration and exile. Our mission is to bring together a plurality of voices relating to architecture and the arts, as well as stories of exile and displacement of creative peoples, giving shape to little-known histories through personal testimony and critical reflection in the form of memoirs and biographies, monographs, critical texts, and select fiction.

DoppelHouse Press is based in Los Angeles, a home to many exiles and immigrants from all over the world, which makes us further able to reflect on global conditions, cultures, politics, and crises that disperse creative people to new homelands, where they often flourish, transform local vernaculars, and influence future generations.


Publisher@DoppelHousePress.com | T: 424-258-4423 | F: 323-349-0985